Create your own wireless equiteacher plus instruction system

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Stel zelf uw equiteacher PRO set samen, standaard natuurlijk een zender en een ontvanger compleet met laders en laadsnoeren.

De rest kunt u zelf kiezen, welk oortje, welke microfoon enzovoorts.

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It all starts with a transmitter and a receiver complete with chargers and charging cord, the rest you fill yourself with ..... or not

Equiteacher PRO is completely digital, both the sound and the frequency section
Equiteacher PRO is a wireless system with a transmitter and receiver
Equiteacher PRO gives continuous, a connection (without delay, noise and interference)
Equiteacher PRO has studio sound quality.
Equiteacher PRO has a range that is sufficient for each bowl or race ring to 400 meters
Equiteacher PRO is very small (7 x 5 x 1.7 cm) and weighs only 50 grams including battery pack
Equiteacher PRO has failed to move buttons with a "lock" accidentally
Equiteacher PRO receiver has a fastening clip for your pants or jacket
Equiteacher PRO also puts you through the compact design easily in your pocket
Equiteacher PRO has an antenna
Equiteacher PRO has a rechargeable lithium battery
Equiteacher PRO is charged with any USB charger
Equiteacher PRO has a display for volume, channel selection and low battery indicator
Equiteacher PRO works on the license-free band (400mHz) and is useful throughout Europe
Equiteacher PRO comes with microphone, earphone and battery pack
Equiteacher PRO has 200 independent channels to enable multiple sets
Equiteacher PRO has universal connectors for all kinds of earphones (jack3,5) and micros
Equiteacher PRO has a Dutch manual
Equiteacher PRO has a CE mark
Equiteacher PRO complies with ROHS standardization