equiteacher fluisterstil

Equestrian Wireless Training System - for one-to-one and one-to-many trainer to pupil

Are you tired of shouting and risking losing your voice?

Do you need to communicate with a single pupil or up to 50 pupils easily?

Do you want a system that can increase your training effectiveness?

Do you need an affordable lightweight upgradable system?

Do you have multiple trainers working with pupils and want them to just communicate with just their pupils?

Do you need a system from a specialist in sound reinforcement?

Using the latest crystal clear  band technology the equiteacher Equestrian Wireless Training System allows trainer(s) to communicate with pupils up to a distance of 300 m. Using its revolutionary system multiple trainers and pupils can communicate in the same arena with no interference. Using "always-on" technology there are no buttons to press so there are no distractions for either pupil or trainer.

The system comprises of a trainertransmission unit(s) and pupil receiving unit(s), specially designed comfortable microphoneand earpiece, charging unit (up to 12-15 hours use), batteries and metal carry case.