The ideal system for instructional trainer and riders. Senrun provides a good uninterrupted communication is necessary for achieving good results.het senrun hippisch instructie systeem ..... onmisbaar
This high-quality product, guaranteed by Sennheiser, offers quality for people with a smaller budget.

The system has been tested extensively in recent years with positive reviews.

Many top riders like Anky van Grunsven, Anne van Olst and Imke Schellekens-Bartels are now convinced of the success of Senrun.

General Description This complete kit for professional communication includes: transmitter with microphone and daspeld, receiver earpiece, charger, rechargeable batteries and hard metal storage case.

  • For a perfect connection between trainer and learner
  • Very bright, clear, uninterrupted comments or instructions
  • Discreet, purposefully and without hindrance from environment
  • Various accessories for hands-free operation
  • Multiple users or with each other side by side
  • Distances sufficient for Grand Prix track

Applied in practice many riders now use the Senrun instruction system.
It is ideal for instructors with students as motile in equestrian. Senrun provides a noise-free and convenient way of communication in any environment.het senrun oortje ..... in de lader en altijd paraat om les te geven

The ease of use by the microphone plug and the tiny wireless receiver gives a new perspective on communication between trainer and rider.
But there are many other situations where this instruction system provides the ideal solution:

  • Clinic's what a sound reinforcement ask the instructor for a public group or class
  • Supervision of sports and recreational events
  • Sound recording during homevideo
  • Interview Support
  • Professional instructors which provides great sound quality questions in a limited space to move

From the range of professionally RF (Radio Frequency) equipment SenR 616 answered the requirements
A kannaalkeuze from 1 to 16 with a turn of the knob, simple and practical
An LED indicates the status of the battery (red = charging, green = go for it)
A volume control with dial is clear to everyone
A robust construction makes this a very reliable device
With 2 x AAA batteries installed gives users an operating time of 8 hours
Connections for camcorder or audio installation is possible
A shielded ON / OFF switch does its job

senrun oortje i love it
None other than international top riders like: Anky van Grunsven, Imke Schellekens-Bartels, Mischa Koot, Emmelie Scholtens, Joyce Lenaerts, Anne van Olst (DEN), Kristy Oatley (AU), Morgan Barbancon (ES), Yessin Rahmouni (MA) Inna Logutenkova (UA), Carl Hester (UK) and Charlotte Dujardin (UK) use the senrun equestrian instruction system