Meanwhile there are many satisfied users of the system include instruction senrun

  • Stal Hexagon
  • Mischa Koot
  • dressage stable Baalen
  • Emmelie Scholtens
  • Imke Schellekens-Bartels
  • Raz Nitzani (israel)
  • Laurens van Winches
  • Thamar Zweistra
  • Stephanie Frel
  • Tonnie Huberts
  • Lottie Scoots
  • Anky van Grunsven

Stephanie de Frel

Stephanie Frel can not live without it senrun instruction system.

Stephanie uses the senrun system for giving lessons in various locations throughout zealand.
It saves me a few vocal cords she says, once I had often loudly and that is now past.

Even my students find it amazing system, finally everything understandable and nice and clear.

I also use the system for giving clinics, with a simple gradient coil cable throughout the system to a PA system.

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Laurens van Lieren

Emmelie Scholtens

Emmelie Scholtens welcomes Senrun system!

Besides driving a lot of horses, has now also Emmelie lot lesklanten weekly in Schijndel come and train. For giving these classes makes it already several months grateful use of a Senrun instruction system.

Emmelie has access to the complete set of professional communication, this includes a transmitter with microphone and daspeld, receiver earpiece, charger, rechargeable batteries and hard metal storage case. In this way it can best communicate with her ​​students, the Senrun instruction system is the perfect connection between trainer and learner!

The pupil moves in a constant slope and often in a disturbing environment. Partly Users of the slopes, tractors, speakers and audience delivery distractions and limit communication between instructor and rider / horse. A good, uninterrupted communication is, of course, necessary in order to obtain good results. The system is designed for a dimension of 20x60 meters and has 16 different frequencies, this allows you to avoid using the same channel.


academy Bartels

Maakt sinds kort gebruik van het equiteacher draadloos instructiesysteem.
van baalen_000

dressuurstal van Baalen

Gebruikt verschillende systemen van AXhippo

Anky van Grunsven

19.11.2011 was in the NoS program Nieuwsuur a comprehensive report to see Anky's work as a coach in the Ukraine. Two journalists from the NIS traveled with Anky along and made a report, which in ESPN Sunday part two to see. Anky and her students Inna use the system Senrun

A riding instruction system or an equestrian instruction system is designed to the instructor or instructor the opportunity to give without raising his voice from the side of the bucket, information by playing to the student or students. In this way, a relaxed atmosphere, where the students and of course the trainer can keep the focus on performing the exercises. Arises All of these instruction systems are of very high quality, can be enormous distances, and make it possible to communicate. Entirely noise-free and without the use of hands with each other.